The doctor dunks training system program

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  • All workouts delivered through the “Train Heroic” app for convenience and data tracking
  • Video demonstrations for each exercise with detailed cueing
  • Access to Discord channel for Q&A and to share progress!
  • 5 training sessions per week with an optional 6th session

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If I am currently experiencing pain, should I participate in this program?

This program was designed for individuals who are healthy and pain free.

If you are currently dealing with an injury, we recommend that you schedule an in person performance evaluation to identify the root cause of your pain and to establish a custom program based on your needs.

What equipment do i need for the program?

Full commercial gym access is required.

Equipment used in the program: squat rack, barbell, trap bar, dumbbells/kettlebells, standard gym machines, adjustable and flat benches, balance pad (Airex), bands, open space/turf, treadmill, etc.

Can my program be modified if I dont have access to certain pieces of equipment, or I have discomfort while performing a particular exercise?

This is not a customizable program, but if you have questions related to exercise modifications due to a lack of equipment, we will provide advice on how to modify your program in the Discord channel. However, these changes will not be reflected on your app.

If you have discomfort with a particular exercise, you can upload a video of your movement technique to the Discord channel for feedback.

If you have pain that prevents you from comfortably performing a majority of the training activities in the program, we recommend that you schedule an in person performance assessment to better guide your rehab and training.

Do I need to commit for a certain amount of time?

No commitment is required. However, changing physiology takes time and effort. If you keep switching programs or training goals, it will be difficult to make significant progress in any direction.