about us

I founded Doctor Dunks in 2019 after graduating from physical therapy school because I’m fascinated by human movement and I want to teach what I know to hoopers around the world. From the moment I picked up a ball, my goal was to dunk. I tried all the programs and read all the books in search of the “secrets” to more bounce. It was a long process of trial and error, and I endured my fair share of injuries along the way. I’m now 31 years old with a 41” vertical and a much clearer understanding of how to achieve performance goals while simultaneously keeping injuries at bay. Now that I’ve fulfilled my lifelong goal of dunking, I’m determined to help you reach yours - whether to skyrocket athleticism, eliminate pain, or help your clients get better results.



  • Maximize your knowledge by joining the network

    Knowledge is power. We are dedicated to sharing as much free, high quality information as possible so that you can minimize your learning curve and fast track your progress.  

  • Making better humans through our focus on neurology

    Your brain controls how your body functions. If you struggle with poor posture, chronic tension, or poor movement coordination, providing your nervous system with new learning experiences is often the key to “unlocking” your body and getting out of your own way. 

  • Integration of rehab and strength & conditioning principles

    Rehab and strength & conditioning are commonly treated as two different professions, but are really just two sides of the same coin. There is value in applying principles from both fields if elite performance is your goal. 

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